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Spring is coming and I’ve been flying a more wight the warmer temps.


A dog is a man’s best friend, and my best friend is Chadwick. We took a hike today, and shot some video using a GoPro w/ a dog mount and 5D Markiii.




Nora Healy has been killing it in @wvparks lately, here she sends a huge Front 3 Indy. Click here for the full article on Snowboarder Mag.

5D Markiii. 24-70mm f/2.8L

f/10. 1/640s. ISO100.

01.30.2014 Snowboarder


This fall I had the opportunity to fly my cinematography drone in Boston for an Acura tv spot. The wind made it hard to fly in a lot of the locations, but was able to get a few shots. This was my first shoot working for Eric Motta and had a blast! Learned a lot from the crew and look forward to collaborating on future project. Click here for some of his work.

Aerial Production is available, inquire at


Oct, 2013.

Jonathan Strobel and I embarked on an adventure to the Cabot Trail, Nova Scotia. 6 Days and 2,100, was well worth the travel. Going in the off season gave us full reign of the trail and saw only a few people during the 2 days we spent on the trail. The place is truly amazing, and can’t wait to return.

As a jumping point we spent one night in Acadia National Park, Maine. Here is a couple shots:


5D Mark iii
24-70 2.8L

Recorded in 1920×810 24fps 14Bit RAW. Converted .RAW sequence to .DNG using: Raw2Dng. Next imported the .DNG sequence into After Effects. Minor Color correction. Exported as ProRes 422 (HQ). Edited in FCPX.


Handplant by Stephen Bryan.

Featured on the homepage of Snowboarder Mag.

5D Mark iii. 17-40 4.0L

f/10. 1/1250s. ISO 160

snowboarder home page portfolio copy_D3_7284_web


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